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Contraindications To Plavix Medication Perception

Plavix is contraindicated for that people who suffers by hypersensitivity, hemorrhagic syndrome, acute bleeding, severe hepatic failure and diseases predisposing to acute bleeding development (aggravated 12 duodenal ulcer or gastric ulcer, tuberculosis, ulcerative colitis, hyperfibrinolysis, the lungs tumor).

Thanks to the absence of data on the clinical usage of the pill, Plavix perception is contraindicated for ladies with the state of pregnancy and at the stage of lactation.

In case of medical operation in the situation when antiplatelet effect is not desirable, it should stop Plavix treatment 1 week before operation.

You have also to inform your therapeutic about percepting Plavix in cases when the surgery will have place either the physician prescribes a new medical therapy for the patient.

In the period of the whole course of treatment it should check the functional activity of the liver, as well as indicators of the hemostatic system (activated partial thromboplastin time /aPTT, platelet count, platelet function activity tests).

At serious disturbances of functioning of a liver there is a threat of development of hemorrhagic diathesis.

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